About The All News Reviews

The All News Reviews recently commissioned independent research to identify our assets and evaluate our content. The researchers spoke to media agencies and media owners to gauge their thoughts on the site and its editorial offering.

The research found that our content gives perspective to the media industry, which is both thorough and relevant. It adds to knowledge of the sector, and informs its readership.

Words used by respondents include cutting-edge, interesting, strategic, good contributors, thorough, sharp, in-depth, insightful, media-specific, thought- provoking, edgy, market leader, and dependable. Respondents agreed All News Reviews’s content “contributed to their professional standing”.

The All News Reviews has a strong social media presence with our popular Twitter feed having the highest number of followers of any media and marketing site in South Africa, numbering well over 17 500, and which grows by at least 200 new followers every month. Our Facebook pages performs well against our competition and does our Instagram site.